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Specialized Training Workshops

We at India Training Institute of Mobile Technology likewise lead workshops of 1 to 2 days in different schools, universities, associations and specialized organizations in Delhi and different urban areas.

We have directed cell phone repair workshops now and again in different universities. Our workshops cover all-round points where understudies with NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of cell phone repairs are instructed these advances with which they can repair their own PDAs themselves as well as apply this specialized preparing to facilitate their insight into progress computerized hardware.

We are resolved to enhance ourselves and furnish with the finest workshop involvement in different innovations. The fulfillment of the participants is the prime worry of our group and we flourish to accomplish the elevated requirements that we have set for ourselves.

Subjects canvassed in a workshop:

• Basics Of Mobile correspondence.

• Assembly and dismantling of various sorts of handsets.

• Identification of various parts of telephones.

• Work of various parts of telephones.

• Use of multimeter.

• Use of jhatka machine.

• Use of IPA and Elma Solution.

• Use of different apparatuses and instruments utilized as a part of cell phone repairing.

• Basic Circuit Board/Motherboard Introduction.

• Soldering and desoldering parts utilizing patching iron.

• Soldering and desoldering parts utilizing revamp station.

• Jumpering Techniques.

• Use of SMD Rework Station.

• Use of mystery codes and security codes.

• Tips and regular data.

• Introduction of different programming deficiencies.

• Flashing of cell phones.

• Formatting of cell phones.

• Unlocking of cell phones.

• Troubleshooting of deficiencies.

• Tips and regular data.

• Doubts and practice.